Bee-lieve in Innovation

In an ever-changing digital landscape, a serendipitous encounter set the stage for a revolution.

It all started with an inquisitive bee, whose unexpected visit to a gathering of tech visionaries sparked an idea. This was the genesis of Innovation Bee.

In our world, we don't just fantasize about the future but we actively shape it.

Our journey, ignited by that single, inspiring buzz, has led us to become a powerhouse of technological innovation and creative problem-solving.

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Transforming Ideas Into Reality

Yep, we are pioneering the future with a commitment to groundbreaking software solutions for Smart Cities, Energy, Healthcare and many more fields. Every idea, big or small, holds the potential to reshape the world.

Our mission is to harness this potential, turning groundbreaking ideas into tangible solutions.

Our expertise spans from Blockchain Solutions to AI & ML Engineering, crafting not just products, but experiences that redefine the boundaries of technology and business.

Why Choose Us

How We Handle Projects

Innovation Bee stands out as a visionary software development and IT services firm, committed to delivering tailor-made solutions that address the specific challenges of diverse businesses. We go above and beyond conventional software development and IT offerings. Our comprehensive portfolio includes enterprise web development, AI-powered solutions, software systems, and e-commerce platforms, among others. This wide array of services enables us to be a one-stop solution provider, offering both convenience and efficiency to our valued clients.


Innovation Bee's expert team has a deep understanding of software development and various industries, enabling us to provide customized solutions that meet each client's unique needs and goals.



Innovation Bee is committed to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our clients.


Innovation Bee's customer-centric approach emphasizes collaboration and communication with clients throughout the development process, ensuring that the final product meets their specific needs and goals.

Our Services

What We Offer

Blockchain Solutions

We provide advanced smart contract integration, security and pioneering decentralized innovation, guaranteeing secure and transparent transactions in all aspects of your operations.

AI & ML Engineering

Empower your business with our AI & ML Engineering expertise, harnessing advanced algorithms, neural networks, and NLP to revolutionize predictive analytics and operational efficiency.

Product Development

Your all-in-one solution for developing and refining digital products that enhance business innovation, efficiency, and profitability, backed by a full-service team adept at tackling complex tech challenges.

Application Development

Transform your vision into reality with our Application Development services, utilizing agile methodologies, full-stack expertise, and microservices architecture for bespoke, user-centric digital solutions.

R&D Innovation Engineering

Partner with our elite R&D Innovation team for groundbreaking solutions in software development, prototyping, and technology research on EU programmes, NextGenerationEU funding, etc.

Founding Team

Meet the Innovators at the Heart of Innovation Bee

Behind Innovation Bee stands a team of visionary thinkers, expert engineers, and creative problem-solvers. United by a shared passion for technology and innovation, our founding team embodies the essence of our company.


Christos Roumeliotis

Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer

Tasos Garinis

Co-founder | Chief Operating Officer
VBalafas_logo (2)

Vasilis Balafas

Co-founder | Chief Technology Officer

Clients & Collaborations

Innovate Together, Succeed Together!