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Bullying and Violence prevention mobile app

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Categories: Mobile Application Development, Product Development


Client: Info-Plan S.A.


Bullying represents a serious social issue that impacts both the psychological and physical health of individuals, particularly in the school environment. Frequent experiences of bullying can lead to long-term consequences on self-esteem, social integration, and mental well-being. Moreover, bullying is not confined to schools but also affects various other settings such as the workplace, online spaces, social groups, and society at large. For instance, workplace bullying can significantly impact performance, psychological state, and career progression. Traditional recognition of bullying by psychologists and experts often involves questionnaires, interviews, and tests that are not always realistic, as they are not synchronized with the actual occurrence of bullying events and are usually employed retrospectively, at which point the emotional impacts of the incident have diminished. Consequently, these approaches fail to recreate the environment of the incident, making the results of such research not always convincing. With technological advancements, various techniques for detecting school bullying have been developed, such as speech emotion recognition, mental stress detection, and activity recognition.


Our solution to the problem of bullying is the development and implementation of an Android & iOS mobile application and an Anti-Bullying Suite. The mobile app is designed to identify potentially dangerous situations by combining technology use with social awareness. It serves as an effective tool for preventing and addressing bullying, as well as protecting individuals.

Additionally, We along with INFO-PLAN S.A. have designed the Anti-Bullying System, a complete mechanism for the prevention, management, and combat of harassment, bullying, and violence. This system covers all manifestations of bullying and its occurrence in various environments. It embraces a world where safety, support, and well-being are prioritized, empowering individuals and organizations to stand strong against bullying. This system is structured to meet the needs and requirements of all individuals, schools, businesses, public administration, and local governments.

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