Gridustry Platform

Decentralised Energy Solutions

Categories: Product Development

Tools: Ethereum Blockchain, Solidity, React


The problem here is the inefficiency and lack of transparency in the current electricity market, particularly in the context of renewable energy (RE) and creating a more efficient, transparent, and accessible market for RE, enabling consumers to easily choose and use green energy sources. This includes challenges such as:

  1. Difficulty in Connecting Renewable Energy Producers with Consumers
  2. Complex Green Energy Certification Processes
  3. Lack of Decentralization in Energy Markets
  4. Need for Advanced Technology Integration: The energy market requires the integration of advanced technologies like AI and blockchain to improve transparency, efficiency, and the adoption of renewable energy.


Gridustry is a platform for decentralized energy solutions. We are accelerating a new electricity market system and empowering the transition to green energy through our digital solutions, connecting consumers with renewable energy producers around the world.

Includes 3 easy-integrated components:

  1. PowerPPA: PowerPPA connects buyers with renewable producers through PPAs which are the most significant approach to renewable energy investments today, including certification of 24/7 energy procurement based on energy frameworks.
  2. PowerTrade: PowerTrade is an energy trading solution based on blockchain technology and zero carbon energy goals aiming to develop a distributed market for renewable energy.
  3. PoweREC: PoweREC is a tool that certifies 24/7 energy procurement. Green certificates are the only way for consumers to actively choose their energy source and send a message to the market about their energy preferences.
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