GROWTH Initiative

An Innovative Approach to Engage European Youth in Positive entrepreneurial initiatives

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The GROWTH project addresses the complex challenge of aiding young individuals who face a range of socio-economic and educational difficulties. It specifically targets youth dealing with economic hardships, such as low income and dependency on social welfare, as well as those experiencing long-term unemployment, learning difficulties, and poor academic performance, including early school-leavers and dropouts. Additionally, it focuses on young people from problematic areas, like urban zones with limited services. The project’s approach involves two primary groups: the direct group, consisting of the youth, recent graduates, unemployed individuals, and those with limited educational and job opportunities, and the indirect group, including youth workers, organizations, leaders, and various specialized coaches and mentors. These participants will engage in training courses, mentoring sessions, and the testing of a Digital Board Game, aiming to equip them with essential skills and support for overcoming their challenges and improving their life prospects.

About Initiative

The GROWTH Project, is an innovative endeavor coordinated by Prometeus in Italy and financially bolstered by Erasmus funds to the tune of 250.000 euros. The project’s success in ranking first out of 300 applications in Italy, securing funding for one of only five projects, is a remarkable achievement that underscores the potential impact of this initiative. GROWTH is dedicated to enhancing youth entrepreneurship by clarifying its meaning, identifying necessary methods for entrepreneurial initiatives, and assisting youth in developing relevant skills and sustainable projects. Key activities include producing an analysis report on youth entrepreneurship, offering an innovative blended training course, creating a “GROWTH” Toolkit for Youth Workers, and developing an e-learning platform with a Digital Board Game. Additionally, a mentoring program will be implemented, all aimed at fostering young entrepreneurs’ growth. The project’s expected outcome is to establish a foundation for sustainable, innovative business plans and ideas, developed by young individuals with guidance from Youth Workers. This initiative not only aims to boost their entrepreneurial skills and self-concepts but also highlights the importance of positive psychology in bringing them closer to entrepreneurship.

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