Decentralized Energy Solutions
Innovation Bee' s Gridustry is a platform for decentralized energy solutions. Through Gridustry we are accelerating a new electricity market system and empowering the transition to green energy through our digital solutions, connecting consumers with renewable energy producers around the world.
The Gridustry platform encompasses three seamlessly integrated components: PowerTrade, PowerPPA and PoweREC.


PowerPPA connects buyers with renewable producers through PPAs which are the most significant approach to renewable energy investments today, including certification of 24/7 energy procurement based on energy frameworks.


PowerTrade is an energy trading solution based on blockchain technology and zero carbon energy goals aiming to develop a distributed market for renewable energy.


PoweREC is a tool that certifies 24/7 energy procurement. Green certificates are the only way for consumers to actively choose their energy source and send a message to the market about their energy preferences.